Total Property Managers
Phone: (850) 936-7771     Fax: (877) 781-6177

Request Maintenance

Please submit a maintenance request in the form below for any repairs that are not considered an emergency. For emergency repairs please call our office at (850) 936-7771 Monday-Friday 9:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M., for after hours emergency repairs please call our emergency line at (850) 400-0475

Emergency Maintenance

Any maintenance related to the property that is life threatening, hazardous to health, or the property. For after hours emergency repairs/request please call our emergency repair line at (850) 400-0475

Fire (please call 911 first)


Sewage Backup

Gas Odors (please call gas company)

Tree(s) falling on the house

Urgent Maintenance

Roof Leaks

Broken Windows

Plumbing Repairs

HVAC repairs/replacements


Loose Railings

Wobbly Decks

Appliance Repairs

Normal Maintenance

Garage Doors

Leaky Faucets


Broken Lattice

 Non-Essential Maintenance

Fence repairs

gutter cleaning

pressure washing